Monday, 21 April 2014

A n n a b e l l e// introductions, hellos, welcomes

Hi? hello? Welcome?

I'm Annabelle. 

That my face, on a reasonable good day. 

I'm a third year Illustration student, although not for much longer (eek!)

I 'do' illustration, make pretty things and go on fun little adventures, sometimes. Mostly though I just pour over fashion magazines and blogs while whining about how I'm not stylish and rich. 

I decided to find a little corner of the internet to share my day to day ramblings and creativity, in the hope that maybe someone will come across it and enjoy it. I'm hoping it'll also be a way to keep myself inspired after I leave the safe little nest that is art school and go into the wide world. 

We shall see. 

annabelle xo

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